Anita Nursing Bra – The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

Breastfeeding moms need brassiere that provides more than just a support. Regular bra just won’t do anymore, and nursing bra is the best option during this period. If nursing bras are commonly known as comfortable, but unflattering and unsexy, Anita nursing bra is breaking those stigmas with a collection of stylish nursing bra.
Stylish and Functional
You may have tried many nursing bras and doubt that this will be any different. Well, try one on, ladies. You may not want to take it off again. As a nursing bra that provides double support, surely Anita nursing bra feels very comfortable. But if you try on Anita’s Spring 2014 Maternity Lingerie Collection and take a look in the mirror, you can see the bra with feminine design has a beautiful floral print that continues all the way around the back, while the lace along the cleavage is bringing the sexy back, which is a magnificent finish to the practical lingerie. Comes in a sexy lace and stylish polka dots design, the lingerie collection also helps prevent stretch marks on the breast.
If you’re more into a traditional white nursing bra, the Anita Maternity Cotton Lace model is the best choice for you. But unlike most white nursing bra, Anita’s is not just white. The pure color brings a clear, clean-looking design that stretches to give you maximum comfort.
Brilliantly Designed

The secret to the undeniable comfort of Anita nursing bra is the extra soft stretch cotton. While moms would be very much happy about that, Anita Maternity didn’t stop there. To make breastfeeding easier, the cups snap open simply via a tiny clip, which enables you to work with one hand without any problem. It can be opened wide so the baby will have easy access to the breast. The style and pattern are also brilliantly designed to conceal the nursing pads. Added with a seamless nursing frame and comfortably padded strap, it is the ultimate selection of maximum comfort.