Backless (Adhesive) Bra for Plus Size


Backless bra is usually worn for special occasion, such as party, gala dinner, or any formal occasions where you need to wear your formal dress. If you are plus size women, don’t worry, there is backless bra for plus size for you.

Kinds of Backless Bra

The same with the ordinary bra, the backless bra also has its own types. There is a backless bra that is combined with the corset, so it will make your body to be more proportional and it also can fix your posture. It is suitable for the dress that sticks on your body. For you who want to choose this kind of backless bra for plus size, pay attention to the corset. You should choose the corset that doesn’t stick aggressively to your body because it will damage your appearance when you’re sitting down.

The silicon bra is the other types for backless bra. For plus size women who have larger breasts, perhaps you should not choose this type because it will make your breasts to be larger. Moreover, there is also a silicon backless bra that makes your breasts to be unified in the middle. If you think your breasts will look better on this type of silicon bra, choose the bra that has the thin layer of the silicon.

Tips for plus Size Women

Backless bra seems to be impossible for plus size women, especially because they have larger breasts. Don’t worry because nowadays there are many online and offline stores that sell backless bra for plus size. However, some of them only provide the backless bra for DD cup women and not more than that.

If this happens, you should choose the customer care option on that online store bra. Actually, wearing backless bra doesn’t that complicated because there are some backless bras that put the hook in the front of the bra and between the cups. But, if you still worry about the use of backless bra, there is also backless bra that uses the transparent fabric for the back part of the bra.

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