Bandeau Bra for Plus Size Women


Bandeau bra is not a new thing for women. Even though it’s still bra, but bandeau bra only covers the breasts horizontally because sometimes it doesn’t come with the straps. Plus size Bandeau bra also exists for plus size women, so they don’t have to worry when they want to wear tank top or thin outfits because bandeau bra will make their appearance to be more stylish and casual.

The Materials and the Maintenance

For plus size women, the materials for plus size Bandeau bra should be strong and persistent enough to hold your breasts. In addition, the materials also should be flexible in order to make your movement to be easier. Nylon and spandex are materials that can be found easily in bandeau bra, each of them has their own percentages in every bandeau bra.

Even though you already try to wash your bandeau bra carefully, but when it comes the time to replace your bandeau bra, then you should replace it. Don’t wait until you cannot wear bandeau bra anymore or until your bandeau bra is destructive enough, it is because every bra has its own period to guard your breasts. Particularly for bandeau bra, because the bottom part of the bra has to hold your breasts tightly, there is the possibility for it to loose. One of the simple ways to at least extend the period of your bandeau bra is by choosing the bandeau bra that uses wire under its cup. It might be not comfortable, but it certainly holds your breasts well. Besides using the machine, there is also bandeau bra that requires hand-washing as its maintenance process, so read carefully the brand of your bandeau bra before purchasing it.

Bandeau Bra – How to Wear it

Wearing plus size Bandeau bra is tricky, even though there are many women who would rather to wear bandeau bra under their thin t-shirt or tank tops. The basic purpose of wearing bandeau bra is for fashion, so don’t wear it while you’re doing your daily activities because it doesn’t really support your breasts.

In addition, not all backless or tank tops are suitable for bandeau bra and if you cannot choose the proper outfits, your bandeau bra only will make your appearance to be sloppy. The solution for you is to combine your bandeau bra when you are buying tank tops or thin outfits, see if both of them really complement each other. If you think your bandeau bra cannot really guard your breasts well, it would be better for you to wear the straps that are available on the stores.