Basic Information You Should Know about Plus Size Longline Bra


Longline bra is a type of bra which looks like corset. This bra does not only cover your breasts but also your torso. Like the major of bra types, longline bra is also available in plus sizes.

Why You Need to Wear It

Wearing plus size longline bra is very important for woman like you. You can reshape your body by wearing this kind of bra. There is no woman who does not want to look sexy and hot under their dress, right? Wearing plus size longline bra can be a solution for your who have plus size body and breasts to look extraordinary sexy and slimmer under your favorite dress.

On the other hand, since the design of longline bra is like corset but much more comfortable, you can just wear it under your lingerie as well. It will make you so damn hot in front of your beloved one. Similar to the major bra types, longline bra is also designed for daily wear. You are allowed wearing it in any occasion when you want to reshape your torso but still give the best support to your breasts. To make you more comfortable, you can just pick the one which is has similar tone with your skin.

How to Buy the Proportional One According to Your Size

In order to gain perfect comfort and confidence when wearing plus size longline bra, there are some factors you should consider when you are going to buy it. Firstly, you must consider the size. Since this one warps your torso as well as your breasts so you also need to consider your torso size instead of your breast cup.

As an alternative, you can just go to the one which is developed from elastic cotton or polyester material. Next, you must consider the support. Most women like to wear strapless longline bra to boost their sexiness under various types of apparel. If you like wearing the strapless longline bra, it is necessary for you to think about underwire and pad supports.