Comfortable with Cotton Bra


Bra is one of the primary needs for women, because it supports women’s breasts and at the same time also influence about how women perceive themselves. Nowadays, there are many variations for bra, it can be from the cup size and also the design, and women can choose any bras that are suitable for their activities.

However, sometimes not all bras can give the same comfort to all women, especially for women who have allergy to certain materials or women whom are very critical to the materials of their bra. Also, even though wearing a bra when you are sleeping is not recommended, but there are some occasions when you need to wear it even when you’re sleeping, such as when you are camping in a mountain where you need a bra that can support your activity in the cold weather. But you don’t have to worry because cotton bra can be your solution to those matters.

The Material

Even though it’s supposed to be made by cotton, but there are also cotton bra that are complemented by the other materials, such as linen, spandex, satin, and the other materials. Moreover, there is also organic cotton bra, bra that is made by organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled fine fibre. Organic cotton bra is also free from chemicals, so it’s good for you who put your attention to the environment because organic cotton bra is eco-friendly.

If you want to purchase cotton bra, make sure that you know the material of that bra and also the compositions of the other materials. The full cotton bra is soft, but it has the possibility to stretch or retain the moisture.

The Use

Cotton bra is suitable for you who want the comfort and softness as the ultimate purposes of wearing a bra. For the full cotton bra, it retains the moisture, but at the same time cannot absorb the sweat well. The cotton bra that was mixed with the other materials can have the other advantages, and it also can absorb the sweat better than full cotton bra. You can wear full cotton bra when you are doing yoga or activities that do not involve too many movements, such as working out or cleaning up your house.