Cotton Sport Bra: Do’s and Don’t’s


Choosing sport bra may be a very complicated and difficult thing to do, it’s because some women have their own qualifications for their sport bra. In addition, some women also do not realize that they already chose the wrong sport bra. Choosing the wrong sport bra could affect the health of the breasts because it could damage the form of the breasts or make you feel uncomfortable.

The ultimate things that should be your concern when it comes to the sport bra are the cup and also the firmness of the bra, because the sport bra should support your movement when you’re doing your activities. If you want the comfort, soft bra that can be used when you’re doing your activities, cotton sport bra can be the option for you. However, there are things that should be noted before you purchase this bra.


Paying attention to the materials of the bra is the first thing that you should do, and you also need to recognize the types of cotton bra, such as full cotton bra and also mixed cotton bra. Mixed cotton bra is one of the suitable materials for sport bra because the whole bra does not contain the cotton material.

In addition, because it is made from cotton, so it must be comfortable and soft at the same time. When it’s being mixed with the other materials, this cotton sport bra can provide the firmness that is needed in sport bra. Also, because some parts of this type of bra is made from cotton, so it’s appropriate for you who have sensitive skin and have allergy to certain materials.


Choosing full cotton bra may be not a good option when it comes to sport bra. Full cotton bra cannot absorb the moisture and the odor, and at the same time also have the possibility to stretch and cannot support your breasts properly. And, even though you want to purchase the mixed cotton bra, you still need to be concerned with the other materials that are included in that bra, because perhaps you don’t know that you have allergy to that materials or you are sensitive to certain materials. Cotton sport bra can be the proper bra to support your activities, as long as you know how to choose the right materials for that bra.