Fast and Simple: Hands Free Nursing Bra


Being a mother is a joyful activity that will make your life to be more wonderful, but it will turn into something that is complicated as you have the other activities besides taking care of your baby. Especially for mothers who decide to work after the giving birth process, you want to make sure that your baby gets all the nutrition from your breast milk, but you also have to do your jobs at once.

Hands free nursing bra is the compatible piece of bra for you, it makes you feel comfortable when you are pumping the milk from your breasts, and also you can do the other things while you are doing that. Unlike regular nursing bra, hands Free nursing bra is more focus on the process of the pumping and also your privacy.

The Elements of Hands Free Nursing Bra

Just like its purpose, hands free nursing bra consists of the bra, or the nursing bra, and also the breast pumps. There are two types of the breast pumps: Manual and Electric. The manual breast pumps make you to have more control in the process of the pumping milk, while the electric breast pumps are simpler but also more expensive than the manual breast pumps. Nowadays, there is the strapless type for Hands Free Nursing Bra that can be adjusted to your nursing bra or peephole bra.

Hands Free Nursing Bra – DIY

You just need the bra, the breast pumps, and your unused hair bands; then you can create your own hands free nursing bra. You can use your usual bra, but it would be more comfortable for you to use your nursing bra, so you can open the flap easily without changing the shape of your breasts position.

First, make the other side of your head bands entering the inner part of another side of the head bands, forming certain knot. You need to do the same thing on another head bands. Second, open the flap of your bra. Third, put those head bands on the bottom part of your bra strap and also in the middle of the bra (between the cups).

And, fourth, use the rest of the head bands to bind the neck part of the breast pumps. Some mothers think that the DIY version of the hands free nursing bra is more effective, but there are also mothers who think that the privacy that is offered by the hands free nursing bra cannot be competed by the DIY version. They think it also takes time to set the head bands, when you only wear the Hands Free Nursing Bra if you want to pump your breast. It is up to your decision, which version that you think is suitable for you.