Gently Supporting You: Medela Nursing Bra

Gently Supporting You: Medela Nursing Bra


There are many problems that happen for women who wear nursing bra because of the change that occurs on their body. It is because the current size of their breasts is different, especially when the mothers still have to breastfeed their babies.

In addition, not all country set the same size for nursing bra; that is why the understanding of the size on certain country is needed when the mothers want to purchase the bra outside their country. Medela nursing bra comes for the mothers who want to experience the gentle support from the Medela. Moreover, Medela also consists from various designs, make the mothers always feel comfortable whatever activities they are doing.

Tips for Finding the Right Bra

Finding the right nursing bra for mothers is not really difficult, as long as the mothers understand their breasts size well. Not only that, the right nursing bra is the bra that can give the gentle support for the mothers, particularly on the cups. Also, the cups should have the strength to hold the breasts in the proper position, so it does not chance the look of the breasts.

The right nursing bra will fit to the mothers’ body; it does not give the pressure to the breasts area for the mothers, especially the area right under the breasts. The flap is also one of the important elements in the nursing bra. It is better to have the bra which the flaps can be opened with one hand, because another hand needs to hold the babies.

Why Medela Nursing Bra is the Right Bra for You

Medela nursing bra fulfills these qualifications. For the mothers who still experience the back pain, Medela nursing bra makes your back to be more comfortable through the adjustable straps on the nursing bra. Moreover, the flap also can be opened easily with one hand, so it will not make you inconvenience when you are going to breastfeed your babies. Also, the plain yet feminine design from Medela nursing bra will make you feel free to do your activities.