How Do I Find the Right Bra for Me?

How Do I Find the Right Bra for Me?


Some women may encounter some difficulties while looking for a comfortable bra. A bra that’s too comfortable for you may lack the support you actually need, while uncomfortable bras can cause pain and sore. That is why, doing a bra fitting before purchasing one is very important.

1. The Cups Should Fit

The first thing to notice during a bra fitting is how the cups snug on the first try and how the material feels on your skin. Keep in mind that bras do stretch, so look for a bra that snugs perfectly that are both not too tight and not too loose. Once you fastened it, lean over for about 30 seconds to allow the breasts come fully into the cups.

2. Adjusting the Straps

Stand up straight and observe any signs of wrinkling in the cup or whether if the cup is stretched. Underwire on the bottom cup and the sides of bra should fit neatly around the breasts without compressing them or being too big. Adjust the straps to fit on the shoulders. If after being properly adjusted the straps still digging into your shoulders, this means the band and the garment don’t provide adequate support or to simply put, it’s not the right size or the right bra.

3. Put on a Tight Shirt

Should any of the bra fitting tests passed at this point, put on a tight knit shirt to see how the bra looks underneath a fabric. A good bra has to properly support the breasts that the nipple height should be at least mid-arm high. If it’s any lower, support is not sufficient. You should also look at the shape of the breasts. Some bras make the breasts appear rounder, while others may create a more conical look. As we’re no longer live in the 50’s, a rounder look is the best option.

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