How Push Up Bra Really Works


Women around the world should give thanks to Howard Hughes, because not many people know that the Hollywood producer came up with the invention of the first ever push-up bra. The invention of the genius design started when Hughes wasn’t happy with the way Jane Russell’s breasts looked on one of his film in 1943.

Over the years, the design of push up bra becomes better in supporting the breasts, as well as plumping and lifting them. And although you may wear it religiously, you probably don’t know how the best push up bra really works.

The Mechanism of a Push Up Bra

As the best push up bra is designed to make the breasts appear fuller, larger, higher, the secret mechanics simply rely on overflow. The cups featured in a push up bra are very different than those contained in regular bras. While regular bras may provide enough space for your breasts to fill in nicely and comfortably, push up bras offer tighter space that are actually a little bit conflicting to natural breasts placement.

As a result, the breasts are squeezed and forced to be closer together and located upward, creating a fuller and plumper look. And what makes it possible is the use of stiff underwire and excess padding in the bottom of each cup.

The Best Push Up Bra Design

Women who are looking for the best push up bra to vamp up their look will have many choices available. Other than countless styles to choose from, the push-up bra can be easily found in any sizes, colors, and patterns.

That being said, every woman should have a push up bra in black and one in nude as the easiest matches for any color of clothing. Most push up bra designs feature a fastener in the front, because it is easier to put on and push the breasts together as it is being fastened.

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