How to Determine Your Bra Size

How to Determine Your Bra Size


As the most important piece of clothing, a bra should fit perfectly. This bra fitting guide will help you figure out your correct size of brassiere.

1. Be Prepared

You’ll need someone to take your measurements. It is best to remove any piece of clothing to get the most accurate measurements possible. But if you’re not comfortable standing bare-chested in front of someone else, put on the best-fitting unpadded bra or tank top. Stand upright in a relaxed posture with your arms at your sides.

2. Measure Your Band Size

The first measurement to take in this bra fitting guide is the band size. Using a measure tape, place it around the back, across your ribcage, and going under your breasts. Add five inches if you get an odd number and four inches for even number. For example, 27 inches will become 32, while 30 inches will become 34. You should remember the measurement as it will be used when calculating the cup size.

3. Measure Your Cup Size

The next step in this bra fitting guide is to measure the circumference of your breasts at their fullest part, which is at the nipple level. To calculate the cup size, subtract the breast measurement with the band size. In this case, if the breast measurement is 36 inches and the band size is 34, we’ll get a difference of two inches (5.1 cm). Now, look for the right cup size in this bra fitting guide table:

Difference: Cup Size

1 inch (2.5 cm): A

2 inches (5.1 cm): B

3 inches (7.6 cm): C

4 inches (10.2 cm): D

5 inches (12.7 cm): DD or E

6 inches (15.2 cm): F

7 inches (17.8 cm): G

Since we have 2 inches of difference in this example, the cup size is B. And based on the previously measured band size, the correct bra size is 34B.