How to Fit a Bra – Simple Steps for You


Not all women have the opportunity to wear the right bra. That is caused by they cannot find the right size or they believe that they are in certain size without asking the professionals to measure them. Besides fixing your appearances, wearing the right bra also will keep your breast healthier and avoid any injuries that could happen.

However, many women don’t know how to find the right bra for them, especially for women who have larger breasts. But you don’t have to worry because these are the simple steps of how to fit a bra and also the other information about the bra.

How to Fit a Bra

There are many ways to measure your breasts size; most of them use the measurement tape. It’s better to take off your bra or your pads first before you measure the breasts size, but you can also wear thin cloth and not sweater or jacket.

  • First, in order to know your band size, measure it right under your breasts. If the result is even, add four inches. If the result is odd, add five inches.
  • Second, for your cup size, measure the highest part of your breasts (nipples).  For the calculation process, subtract the result from your band size from the result of your cup size. For instance, if the result 38B, C is your cup and 38 is the band. Before you feel sure about the result, it would be better to ask the professionals to measure it for you and ask them some suggestions about how to fit a bra. Remember, the measurement tape might not give you the exact result, but it gives you the easiness to start looking for the right bra.

The Other Information

Besides the measurement problem, there also information that is needed to be known by women because different breasts shape will need different bras. If you have larger breasts, pull on the straps of your bra when you are measuring the breasts size.

You also need to try the other types of bra because sometimes there are women who still think that their bra is not the right bra for them even though the bra fits with the measurement. Provide the particular time for you to learn about how to fit a bra, and also to purchase the bra. If the bra hurts your back or your shoulder, you should find the other bra.