How to Get Proper Bra Fitting


In order to get the right bra size you have to get proper bra fitting. It is not difficult to measure the size of your breasts to define the right size of the bra you are going to wear.

Measure the Rib Cage

If you want to get the best bra fitting to define the right bra size you need to wear, you should follow the steps. First of all, you have to prepare measuring tape. Then, you can start measuring your rib cage by using that measuring tape. You need to measure the area under your breasts where the underwire of a bra is located to define the band size.

Measure the Band Size

Secondly, after you get the measurement of your rib cage you have to convert it into inches and add three inches more to find the right band size, for example you get 31 then adding 3 to get the proper bra fitting. Anyway, why should you add 3 inches more? It is because this is the way the bra manufacturer is defining the size of the band. Following how the major bra manufacturers are doing with the band size is more advantageous for you.

Measure the Cup Size

Thirdly, if you have finished with your band size, which determines the size number of a bra you need to wear, now you have to measure the size of the cup to get a proper bra fitting. You need to do the same thing like you did with your rib cage which is placing the measurement tape around your breasts to your back. Then, you can convert the size into inches. To get the exact size of the cup you can subtract the cup size by the rib cage size. The remaining number is the size of your cup, for example 1 inch means cup A.

I can say that it is very easy to define the size of a bra which fits to you. By wearing the proper bra, I’m sure you can get various benefits including the comfortable support.