Introduction for Plus Size Shelf Bra


The popular image for the usual shelf bra is the bra that doesn’t contain the cups to cover the breasts, so the nipples and the areolas are left in the bare condition. The other labels for shelf bra are open-cup bra, cupless bra, or quarter-cup bra.

However, there is also another type of shelf bra that is usually named built-in bra or utility shelf bra. The utility shelf bra is used along with the tank tops, the swimsuits, and dresses for improving the shape of the breasts and also increasing the confidence of women who wear the bra. Even though the shelf bra is usually worn by women whose the cup size is between A-C, but there is also plus size shelf bra available on both online and offline store.

The Purpose

The native purpose for plus size shelf bra is to support the intimate activities between the romantic partners. Because the shape of the shelf bra is different from the other ordinary bras, it becomes very tempting and alluring for both men and women. In addition, the absence of the cups on the shelf bra also makes the intimate activities becomes easier. Another use of the shelf bra is on the lingerie, so it gives the shape of the breasts and it will look interesting under the lingerie fabric.

Even though the materials of the shelf bra are consisted from cotton or nylon, but the shelf bra is not comfortable to be used for the daily activities. If you want to try shelf bra when you’re in your house or bedroom, you can try to wear utility shelf bra because it is already combined with dresses, tank tops, and the other clothing. The materials that used are really comfortable for the skin and also the breasts. Moreover, besides supports the shape of the breasts, the utility shelf bra is also already on the top o the clothing, so you don’t have to wear additional bra.

How About Plus Size Shelf Bra?

Plus size women don’t really have to wear plus size shelf bra because the shape of their breasts already supports their size. However, if you still want to try the shelf bra, make sure that the straps are non-elastic and the hooks are more than the usual hooks. The elastic straps usually follow the shape of your breasts and also your shoulder, so your breasts will appear lower than the usual.