Know Your Size: Nursing Bra Sizing

Know Your Size: Nursing Bra Sizing


All women have unique bodies, especially when they are pregnant. Not only the lower body part, but the upper body part such as breasts also will experience the change. Most of women think that the change that occurs on their bodies make them feel complicated and difficult to find the right nursing bra, but, truthfully, it comes from the women’s perception about their current situation and also how they find the solution for their problems. The breasts size is only the beginning from the whole adventure of women on finding the right nursing bra; that is why women need to pay attention on the nursing bra sizing.

The Simple Measurement

Who says that the measurement for nursing bra sizing is complicated? For this measurement, you should wear your best bra, when you feel comfortable with that. Before the measurement, make sure that you already take off the pads.

For the pregnant women, the measurement tool that necessary is the soft tape measure; you can ask the professionals on the bra shop to measure it for you. First, in order to measure the chest or the band size, put the soft tape measure around under your arms and also above your breasts. After that, put the soft tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts (your nipples). The final process needs you to subtract those results of the measurement. To make it simpler for you, you can check out the chart below.

Nursing Bra Sizing Chart

Tips for Nursing Bra Sizing

The women need to purchase the nursing bra between 4 and 6 months into the pregnancy. When you purchase the nursing bra, make sure that it fits in your body until its tightest hook. When your body changes on month 6 until 9, you only just adjust your bra with your current size as well as the hook. You also can purchase the bra extenders to make you more comfortable without purchasing more bras, and that is why it is important to pay attention on your nursing bra sizing.

The right nursing bra will support your breasts without put too much pressure on the area above and under your breasts. The material for nursing bra should make you comfortable because of its ability to absorb your sweat. Moreover, in order to support your breastfeeding activity, you also can purchase the bra padding.