Proper Underwear Choice to Flatter Your Body Shape

Proper Underwear Choice to Flatter Your Body Shape


So many people who are quite confident about how they dress are actually not quite aware about the choice of the clothing that they wear. It is good to be confident. However, if the clothing does not really suit you, the other people will not be impressed. This kind of thing is also applicable not only to the cloting but also to the choice of underwear.

Well, if you go out there to the store in order to find the underwear, there are certainly various choices that you can find starting from the simple one to the complicated underwear such as the latest bra innovations. So, which one that you need to choose? Before that, you need to know your own body shape so you can choose the proper one that will not only be comfortable for you but also make your appearance become even greater. Here are the common body shapes of the people. Which one is yours?

Rectangle      : there is barely any curve in the body

Apple            : the mid section of the body is the most prominent part

Pear shape    : the bottom part is bigger than the other parts of the body. Your weight should be focused on your hips or thights

Hourglass      : it is the perfect body shape for the women since your body is having in and out line completed with a well shaped waist

Strawberry     : this one is usually called as athletic physique where the hips and the shoulders are slim

Now that you have found the body shape of yours, it is the time for us to discuss about the proper underwear that you need to get.

Rectangle Body Shape

This kind of body shape can be both slim or quite big. If you have slim and rectangle body shape, your focus should be to add some curves to your body. As a matter of fact, it is not that hard to make you have boosted bust. You can try to get padded or push up bra. A pair of padded pants can also be the proper choice if you want to have rounded shape to your bottom part of your body. What about if you have bigger figure? The focus for this kind of body shape is to deal with the shaping of your bod. Chincer for the waist or high-waisted shapewear can be the greatest choice for you. Another focal point for this purpose is to wear right bra size too. In order to lift your bust, you can use a full cup underwired bra.

Apple Body Shape

If you have this kind of body shape, you will normally want to cinch your tummy area because the problem is centered in that area. However, you should not be too tempted in doing so. If you force it, instead of making your body look like an hourglass shape, you will only create some lumps and bumps and there is nothing good about it. The best idea is to get complete body shaper which will slim the middle part of your body and create smooth shape. It is also nice if you want to wear plunge bra.

Pear Body Shape

The task that you need to do for this kind of body shape is to trim your hips and also your thighs. The aim is to make sure that you can have better outline of the body. Thigh shaper can be the great alternative for you. Once you have worn this kind of underwear, it is really possible for you to wear skinny jeans. It is really amazing, isn’t it? To support your breasts, you should get the bra that can make your bust look bigger. Push up bra is the nice idea. That way you can create balane between the top half and the bottom half parts of your body.

Hourglass Body Shape

Well, there is nothing much to talk about if you have already had this kind of body shape. All you need to do is to feel grateful. You can simply choose anything that you think is comfortable for you and can show how great your body is. One thing that must become your consideration is to choose the right bra size in order to make your bust look more attractive. In order to show your curve more, use corset and everything is done.

Strawberry Body Shape

This kind of body is actually similar to the slim rectangle one. The point is to add some curves by wearing push up bra and padded briefs.

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