Simple Guide to Women with DD Bras


Bras with DD or more size are bras that should have more attention. Women with DD size sometimes have not realized that they need bras that can support the shape of their busts.

On the other hand, women who already know that they have DD size bust also face the difficulties regarding choosing the proper bras. Even though nowadays there are many online and offline stores that sell DD bras, but some women think that DD bras are only consisted from monotonous form with ordinary ornaments on them. It would cause problem because bras should have the ability to gain women’s confidence through shaping their busts beautifully, without making the busts as the very ultimate shows from women’s appearance.

The Right Bra for You

There are many ways to know whether your DD bras now are the right bras for you. You can use the measurement tape in order to get the right (but not exact) measurement of your busts. First, position yourself in a proper standing position; put your arms on your side; then measure your body under your busts. Make sure that the measurement tape is not loose on the back of your busts.

Second, for measuring your cup size, you should stand in the proper position; then measure your body on the fullest part of your busts, for instance is on your nipples. For those measurement processes, it would be better if you are not wearing your bra. However, if you are in certain situation where wearing bra is needed, you should wear bra without the pads.

On the other hand, in order to know whether your current bra is the right bra for you, there is also a way to know it without using measurement tape. First, you need to wear your current and favorite bra; then make sure that the back part of your bra is not forming a curve and it should be in the straight position. After that, if you use the bra for your daily activities, make sure that the cups of the bra can cover your busts well to keep the comfort.

The Style of DD Bras

The right DD bras are the bras that can cover your busts well, without letting the side part of your busts out of the cups. Unless if it is for the special occasion, such as party or formal dinner where you need to wear the dress, choosing the t-shirt bras type or minimize bras is the right option for your everyday activities. Even though t-shirt bras type does not contain many ornaments, but it will not look obvious under your clothes.

Moreover, the minimize bras will make your busts look smooth without giving the huge accent to them. Nowadays, there are many online stores that sell the various types of DD bras along with the ornaments that will make your bras wonderful.

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