Sports Bra Size: Know Your Best Sports Bra

Sports Bra Size: Know Your Best Sports Bra


Choosing the right size for your bra sometimes can be difficult, especially if you have large breasts. However, deciding to wear sports bra doesn’t mean that you can fit with the size directly because different brand and country will have its own size. Despite the advantages that are given by the sports bra, understanding your sports bra size can be a plus for you.

How to Measure Your Size

The measurement of the sports bra size is the same with the ordinary bra measurement. But, once again, you better ask the professionals to measure it for you in order to get the accurate result. But if you want to do your own measurement as the temporary size, you should prepare measurement tape to make you feel easier.

First, in order to measure the band, you should put the measurement tape around the area at the bottom of your breasts. Second, for measuring the cups; make sure that you put the measurement tape at the highest point of your breasts – your nipples. This could be your cup size.

Kinds of Sports Bra

The right sports bra with the right sports bra size should be the bra which its straps don’t hurt your shoulder. Moreover, the cups of the sports bra should cover your breasts properly, so you don’t have to focus on your cup while you’re doing your favorite sports. First of all, there are three types of sports bra: Sports bra for maximum support, sports bra for high support, and the sports bra for medium support. You will need the sports bra with the maximum support when you’re running, playing basketball, doing aerobics, mountain biking, or the other sports that make you to move often. This kind of bra should have the ability for reducing the bounce on your breasts while at the same time also maintaining the shape of your breasts as well as the moisture on your breasts.

The sports bra for high support is including the sports bra for tennis, cycling, soccer, inline skating, skiing, and moderate hiking. This kind of bra should have the ability to hug your breasts and also support the movement of your breasts. Meanwhile, the sports bra for medium support is including the sports bra for you when you’re walking, doing pilates, or yoga. This kind of sports bra should be the bra that can support your movement, hug your breasts, but not too tight so you still have the chance to breathe.