The Racerback Nursing Bra Review


For sporty mothers, Racerback nursing bra is the right choice for you. Racerback nursing bra is the nursing bra that has T or Y-shaped at the back part of the bra. Most of the racerback bra can be found on the sport bra, and women wear sports bra when they need more support because of their busy activities.

Choosing the racerback as one of your types of nursing bra is not wrong, even though the shape is a little bit different from the usual nursing bra. Moreover, even though sometimes mothers are not comfortable with the back shape of the bra, but racerback nursing bra should be given a chance.

The Benefits of Racerback Nursing Bra

Because of the T and Y-Shaped at its back part, Racerback nursing bra has more advantages than the other nursing bras. The unique back shape gives more support for the breasts, just like what it has done to the sports bra, and it would be something that is really helpful because the size of the breasts are increasing after the process of giving birth.

Make sure that the materials of your racerback nursing bra is flexible, such as the bra that is made from nylon or spandex, so it will not hurt the area under your breasts and it will cover your breasts well. Some racerback nursing bras even gives the extra advantages to the breasts; they push the breasts upward and inward. In addition, usually it’s really disturbing if the straps are visible under the clothes, but racerback nursing bra will not let that happen. Besides, the shape of the straps is similar with the shape of the tank tops, so it’s safe for the mothers.

How to Choose the Right Racerback Nursing Bra

First of all, make sure that you are in the right size. If not, let the professionals measure them for you, because the size of your breasts is changing. Moreover, it’s better to have the right size of the cup for your Racerback nursing bra. It is because your cups will be the determinant for the appearance of your breasts under your clothes.

If the cups are too large, your breasts will not get enough support. Meanwhile, if the cups are too small, the other tissues of your breasts will show under or even at the both sides of the cups.