Unique Trivial Facts Regarding to Women Breasts


Breasts are normally known as the body part of the women and they become one of the body parts which will show sexual attraction of the women. Yes, indeed, such fact is undeniable. If you are a normal man, you will surely have some kind of sexual interest towards the breasts. However, is that all about the breasts? Of course, it is not like that. If you want to know, there are so many unique things which can be traced back and they are found to be related to the breasts. Here, is the collection of the trivial matters in relation to the breast. Check it out!

Largest Breast Implant

Lolo Ferrari who is known as a former porn star from French is reported to have the world’s largest breast implants. During her life, she was reported to have 22 surgeries and the size of the breasts is approximately 73 inches round.

Men’s Breast Cancer

It is quite interesting. How can a man suffer from breast cancer? Well, despite the fact that it is quite rare to happen but it can still occur to the men. Normally, breast cancer for the men happens to those whose ages are ranging from 60 to 70. There are so many causing factors ranging from the obesity, aging, exposure to radiation, high estrogen levels, family history, and so forth.

The Health Effect of Staring at Women’s Breasts

A study had figured out that men can improve their health condition up to adding four or five years to their lives just by staring at the women’s breasts for 10 minutes every day. Another study from German conducted by Dr. Karyn Weatherby stated that to stare at the breasts especially the busty ones is similar to have aerobics for 30 minutes for the men. The fact behind this is related to the condition how the blood is pumped more and it improves the circulation. Thus, it will cut down the risk of heart attack and stroke up to 50%.

Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Galaxy is called that way because of the ancient Greeks. They thought that the galaxy is made from the drop of milks from Hera who is known as the Goddess from ancient Greece.

British Women Have the Biggest Boobs in Europe

A survey conducted by bra maker, Triumph, figured out that British women have the biggest size of the boobs in Europe. In this country, D cup size of the boob is quite common. However, it is quite ironic that British women do not really have nice appreciation towards their own breasts. A shocking survey said that 22% of the British women are willing to have their breasts removed in order to avoid breast cancer.

Degree for Bra Studies

Yes, indeed, you can really get a degree in the field of Bra Studies if you are willing to take such education in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. You will be taught about how to design and build a bra.

Solution for Saggy Breasts

Saggy breasts can be quite annoying for some people. However, nowadays, if you have such condition of the breasts, there is no need to be frustrated. Iceland is the land of solution for this matter. Every year, this country holds a kind of beauty contest. However, unlike the other beauty contest, this one will consider the imperfections of the body rather than its perfections. The contest is usually held in Isafjoerdur and there are so many contestants who have ever taken part. This contest is open for both men and women. The main requirements to take part in this unique beauty contest are that you need to be more than 20 years old and you must have never taken any cosmetic surgery.

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