Want to Get Smoking Hot? Wear Open Cup Bra!


Just try and say “You’re sexy” to a woman you know and see the expression. Of course, they way you say it must not in perverted way. If you do it right, the woman will be flattered. Yes, it’s not a secret anymore that all women want to look sexy or they want to at least think that they are sexy.

It is related to the self confidence and also comfort. As the woman, don’t you agree with that? So, let me ask you, what have you done to make you look sexy? You don’t have any idea? Then, let me give you an idea: open cup bra.

Open Cup Bra Is Smoking Hot

Previously, this kind of bra is known as the part of lingerie. And yes, lingerie is not supposed to be shown in public unless you’re an exhibitionist. However, nowadays, open cup bra can be worn as the part of your daily fashion style even though it’s still not common.

And true, you will be smoking hot if you wear it. How can it be like that? Figures, girls! The design of the bra is totally “sexy”. There is barely anything to cover your nipples! Yes, the design of open cup bra is made that way because it is meant to expose your nipples to the others (read: your sexual partner).

Let’s Get Naughty!

However, by considering the design, you might be wondering how open cup bra can become the part of your daily fashion style. Well, of course, whenever you are wearing it, you should combine it with your sexy dress. Without showing your nipples, it’s not that sexually arousing but it’s still sexy. It can push your breasts up and make your boobs look bigger.

This kind of bra is totally suitable if you want to have some naughty time with your sexual partner or you want to make things more playful for both of you. Make your partner know that you are wearing open cup bra under your dress and somehow, let him know about your “sneaking” nipples under the clothes there. And when you’re ready to have the sexual act together, take the dress off and yes, your partner won’t be able to resist the explosion of sexiness there.