Wear Your Backless Dress Flawlessly with a Backless Bra

As women’s fashion world develops constantly with diverse necklines and cuts, special undergarments are needed to support a certain type of clothing flawlessly. For dresses or blouses with low, non-existent back, or transparent garment on the back, the backless bra is the true match.
Some women, when wearing a backless dress opt to go braless or with the help of sticky tape. But for many women, especially those with larger breasts, going braless is not an option. And that doesn’t mean their choices of clothing are restricted to traditional bra-compatible only, because backless bras are specially designed to be worn under clothing that opens on the back.
Halter Backless Bra
This type of backless bras has shoulder straps that connects each top of the cups and goes around the back of the neck. The straps are typically thin or transparent to ensure they’re concealed under the clothing. However, halter backless bra is only suitable for halter dresses or clothing with some coverings around the neck. It shouldn’t be worn under a strapless dress, because the straps will be visible and ruin the whole look. But for larger breasts women, this type of bra is the best option as it provides more secure support compared to strapless bra.
Strapless Backless Bra

Strapless clothing with low back requires a strapless and backless undergarment. Strapless backless bra has supportive cups that are molded in a way to hold the breasts and stay on comfortably with a silicone adhesive. This adhesive is very vital and should be the first thing to look for when browsing through a selection of strapless backless bras as there are no straps and back band to help the bra stays in place. This style of bra should be worn on special occasions only, because it requires special treatment of cleaning due to the adhesive.

Victoria Secret Backless Bra

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