What Makes the Best Nursing Bra?

What Makes the Best Nursing Bra?


What mother should consider after giving birth to a baby is how to provide high quality breast feeding to her baby. High quality breast feeding is not only about how mother gives their baby proper and healthy milk but also how mother feels comfortable when breast feed her baby. An important factor to concern about in order to provide comfort for both mother and baby during nursing is wearing the best nursing bra. There are some criteria mother should consider related to choosing comfortable nursing bra which fits to her.

Fit Size

The first criterion that makes a nursing bra the best for you is the fit size. You should really know the size of your current breasts. Do not refer to the last size of your breasts because after you get pregnant and give birth to a baby, your breasts’ size is simply different. Therefore, it is necessary for you to find the nursing bra which fits to your current breasts’ size.

Best Support

The next criterion you should consider when choosing the best nursing bra to wear during nursing period is the support. Nursing bra is basically designed differently from the other types of bra. Nursing bra generally is supported with plastic clips or hooks which can be install and uninstall easily. For those who have plus size breasts, we suggest you purchasing nursing bra with underwire support. Underwire support can help your breasts to hang comfortably without making them hurt during breast feeding.

Best Material

The next criterion that makes a nursing bra the best for you is the material. The material used to make a nursing bra really matters. The material defines the comfort and supports healthy breasts. 100% cotton nursing bra is considered the best. Cotton can avoid allergy. Moreover, it is good to avoid synthetic materials and insertion pads which may irritate the nipples during nursing period.

By considering those mentioned factors that make a nursing bra the best for you, we are sure you can find the best bra for nursing which fits to your need and expectation. Do not be afraid of taking some advices from the other mothers and the doctors about the best nursing bra you can wear during nursing period.