Would Longline Bra Plus Size Fit for You?

Would Longline Bra Plus Size Fit for You?


Longline bra is the bra that is longer than the usual bra, because it goes down to your torso and shapes the area under your breasts. It must be difficult for plus size women who want to have bra for special occasion, while the strapless bra usually cannot support their shoulder and also their torso.

Moreover, the shape of the strapless bra makes it put the pressure on the area under the breasts; it can be disturbing if you need to fix the position of your breasts more than once. If you have experienced that before, then you should wear Longline bra plus size.

The Shapes

Polyester, nylon, and spandex are the usual materials that can be found on the Longline bra plus size. There is also Longline bra that uses cotton as its main material. Besides the cup, the lower part of the bra should be the part that gets more attention. In order to support women who wear it, the lower part of Longline Bra is available in different forms.

If you don’t like to be shaped too tightly, choose the Longline bra that doesn’t have many lines and wires. The straps that can be found in Longline bra will not let your breasts push the lower part, so you will have wonderful torso that is shaped properly. Longline bra is also beneficial for women who suffer backache, something that cannot be supported by wearing usual bra.

Tips for Wearing Longline Bra

Longline bra plus size is suitable for your special occasion, because it will make your body to be little slimmer behind your dress. If you realize that you have plus size, you shouldn’t choose Longline bra that is too comfortable or too tight, because it will create the bulge on the lower part of the bra. Moreover, if your belly is the widest part of your body; choose Longline bra that doesn’t end right above your belly or buy the corset to shape it.

Longline bra also supports your breasts and makes them look more visible. If you don’t want this to happen, choose the longline bra that isn’t too sharp on the cup part. Wear the Longline bra when you have the special occasion that doesn’t force you to move often.